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Dear all my friends,

Thousands apologies to all my friends. I was very very busy for the past few months and was not able to update each and every sale posts i have here. I am restructuring my blogshop now for the benefit of all.

All collectible items (10-20 items) will be uploaded at the beginning of each month. The lots will stay within the site for 1 month. During the period, if item is sold it will be updated as sold for the remaining period.

All unsold collectibles items will be removed immediately once the 1 month period is over. New lots (10-20 items) will be uploaded.

The only exception that is not affected by the 1 month ruling will be the accessories on sale. The accessories will be on sale at all time unless they are out of stock waiting for replenishment.




Hi there, please leave your commends/questions/feedback here. All are welcome to do so.